Sybimar offers practical solutions for preventing climate change. We specialise in aquaculture and uses of side streams. Closed circulation concept is our innovation that combines food and energy production and recycles nutrients, water, heat and CO2 back to production. 

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Planning and drafting services

In our experience starting new operations requires planning and drafting from several angles on a large scope. We offer tailored planning and drafting services on different projects and operations where economy, environment and operational functionality are taken into consideration.

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Closed circulation concept

Sybimar has developed a bioenergy and food production solution based on closed circulation, where waste, waste heat, nutrients and CO2 are used and recycled back to energy and food production. The concept can be tailored to serve different needs in local conditions.

Carbon neutral municipalities

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Products for fish processing industry

The equipment for fish processing industry are based on our own 3D-design. The structure of processing lines can be tailored according to the requirements set out by the premises and the design can be built on clients' vision.

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